Retaining Walls

Many times a retaining wall is a requirement to protect the landscape of a property. Whether you’re property needs to have drainage or flooding issues resolved, or if you’re trying to prevent erosion and sinkholes, or  you’re looking to preempt damage to your property or that of your neighbors, our team of professionals has the know how to construct retaining walls that not only will stand the test of time, but we build ones that are aesthetically pleasing to your space; function and form should always work together when talking about incorporating any kind of hardscape into your property.

We can build retaining walls from pavers, stone, concrete or brick; at Dalzell Designs, we utilize creative wall plans to help hide the utilitarian need for your retaining wall beneath the aesthetic function of a beautiful design. If you’re short on space, our custom seat walls not only provide protection for your grassy areas, they also provide additional seating areas for clients, customers, or guests. Smaller retaining walls are a lot easier to plan: visually, walls under four feet don’t appear to dominate the landscape, but if you’re property is in need of a larger retaining wall installation, it’s important to have an expert in landscape engineering work with you to make sure that the design doesn’t distract from your home’s architecture, as well as making sure the retaining wall works with your property’s topography and drainage systems. In this same vein, using one of Dalzell ’s professional landscape architects to help design and construct your retaining wall will ensure your retaining wall will be level, well packed, and beautifully functional no matter the climate or exposure it comes up against over the years.

Take a look at some of our Augusta, GA landscape designs from our gallery below for inspiration for your project by our team.

  • This stone retaining wall defines this residential landscape's outdoor living area.
  • Rock retaining walls combine visual interest and function to this residential landscape and outdoor space.
  • Landscaped gardens help bring texture and beauty to this retaining wall and poolscape
  • Gorgeous stone retaining wall with shrubbery bed designed and constructed by our landscape architects.
  • Stonewashed brick makes these garden retaining walls interesting and not just functional in this residential landscape project.